Yurt Construction Course 2017

4-11 March (preparing elements for construction) 550 euros

N.B. There is a discount of 100 euros for those not travelling by airplane

18-19 March (putting up the yurt) 100 euros

Join us on the farm this Spring and learn how to build your own traditional Mongolian yurt!

Using natural materials you’ll learn how to build the structure from scratch; coppicing, constructing the wheel and stripping and steam-bending the wood. And, when it’s complete, we’ll be donating it to a refugee camp. The course will be led by Toby Fairlove, who has more than 20 years of experience in yurt construction.

For the duration of the course you’ll be immersed in the life of the farm in the beautiful Alpujarras in Granada. Accommodation will be provided in one of our cottages, with full solar powered amenities. Food is also included in the price and will be vegetarian, organic, and the vegetables will be coming from our own gardens.

There’s a week’s break between preparing the materials and mounting the yurt in order for the wood to set into shape. Please enquire further if you would like to stay on the farm with us during this interim.

Contact katealpujarra@yahoo.com for more information and to book your place

Here are some photos and comments from last Spring’s course:

«Amazing course in a beautiful location held by wonderful people.. HIGHLY recommended»

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